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The post I never wanted to make

Unfortunately the time has come, much sooner than I thought, but it has come nonetheless. After talking with a few people and thinking about it myself, I am formally announcing that I will slowly be leaving the modded Minecraft scene. I plan to do this in stages however, with the first stage being that I will no longer be adding any new features or creating any new mods, with the exceptions being Chance Cubes and Progression Tweaks/ Gobble Core (More on these in a second). I will, however, for the time being, be updating my mods to newer versions when I can until either the project is handed off to someone else, or just falls defunct. I will also still accept any and all PR’s on my projects on my Github and will also be looking for anyone interested in taking over any of my projects that are on there. As for Chance Cubes, I’m not positive what I plan to do with it, but for the moment I’m not ready to let it go because of what it has meant to me and what I have created with it.  I will update to newer versions of forge when they become available. Progression Tweaks and Gobble Core will also probably continue some work as I work alongside Darkosto and his Sevtech pack, but I do not plan to develop them any further after the pack get’s released. I would just like to thank everyone and everyone who I have meet along my journey in both Bukkit and Forge development scenes especially those I had mentioned in this blog post. Development in Minecraft is what sparked my love for Computer Science and the degree I am currently pursuing right now in college and for that I will be forever thankful. Everyone is welcome to reach out to me if they would like through Twitter (@Turkey2349) if they want to chat or get ahold of me for something. I will still be around Twitch and my normal communities when I can, but for now thank you, and keep being awesome guys!

-Ryan a.k.a. Turkey or Turkey2349

p.s. My leaving has nothing to do with Forge, Minecraft or any other moders/mods and is simply just due to the changes in my life and my lack of passion for the game recently. It was just time for me to accept this needs to be put in my past and move onto a new chapter in my life.

Hello world!

I am currently setting up wordpress to host a small blog. This is a work in progress. The Main purpose of this blog is to relay information about my projects to anyone interested as well as provide a place for me to practice my english skills, because they are not quite the best ;). Anyways, thank you for stopping by and I hope you find this interesting!