The great big chance cubes brand update

Topics Discussed

  • Chance Cubes General Updates
  • Chance Cubes The Modpack
  • Integration Mods
  • Twitch Extension
  • Expanding to Fabric and Bukkit
  • Usage stats
  • Final thoughts

Chance Cube General Updates

Chance Cubes is about to go through what is seeming like it’s yearly code evaluation and rewrite and refactor. The focus this time around though is on Profiles and Rewards, specifically allowing for per user rewards and profiles. This means that profiles will now only affect individual players and going to the Nether won’t turn the Nether profile on for everyone. To go along with this and allow for this to work, rewards are now also player specific. Thus each player on the server will be able to have different reward pools! For those of you that only play on single player… Well none of that will affect you, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t get any benefits! While I am doing these changes, I am also addressing current standing issues with profiles and expanding their functionality with new reward settings that can be tweaked and adding more ways in which profiles can be triggered and toggled by in game features. Beyond that, I’m hoping that the overall code restructuring and improvements, well, improve the mod as a whole!

Lastly one side thing to note, Chance Cubes will be looking into a new texture with the 5.0.0 Update! The textures will be scaled down to 16×16 (You’re texture maps will thank you) and will be done by the amazing Valsis who made the current Chance Cubes texture!

Chance Cubes The Modpack

Recently I just wrapped up initial extremely early alpha testing of a modpack that is centered around the Chance Cubes mod. Things actually went pretty well, so I do plan on continuing this in the near future! The Point of this mod pack is two fold; one, to show how flexible and customizable the mod is and how well it can be balanced in the right settings. Two to allow me a really strong testing platform that will test all aspects of the mod. Now especially as I begin the v5.0.0 refactor and rewrite, this mod pack will really allow me to test the new code in a real environment to make sure it’s all working correctly. The pack creation has also helped me think of more options that players may need when customizing the mod. Overall I don’t expect the pack to be anything insane and in the end it’s mainly just a proof of concept and a way for me to prove to everyone what the mod is capable of and how it can be worked and configured.

Integration Mods

This is something that has been requested since the mod first launched. Having some way for Cubes to be auto spawned or dropped when someone subs, gives bits, donates, etc… I have always just differed to having people use other mods, but recently with seeing mods like CCI and Conflux Cubes (The inferior CC mod as I call them 😉 sorry Darkhax and Jared) I have been a bit inspired to make my own Stream integration mod to supplement Chance Cubes and provide a very simple, out of the box solution that I also plan to go hand in hand with my planned Twitch extension (More on that in a bit). The point of this mod will not be to replace CCI, but to instead just focus on Chance Cubes and provide a very basic implementation that can be setup very quickly and easily. I would like to add in as many hooks and integrations as possible. Streamers, If you are reading this, feel free to reach out to me and let me know what features and integrations you’d love to see so that I can better plan out the mod!

Twitch Extension

As I alluded to above, I am also planning on developing a twitch extension that will integrate into Chance Cubes. Not really any plans yet on what it will do or how it will work, since I won’t “start” development on it for a little while yet, but it is planned. Why am I doing this? Well one, it’s something new to learn and explore. I’m always interested in working on new things and exploring ways to improve my skills. Recently I’ve been doing some React (JavaScript) work so since there is support for it in Twitch extensions, it’s another way for me to reinforce my learning! In addition to this I will be able to explore new ways to prove Content Creators to interact with their viewers as well as to help improve the base Chance Cubes mod stability and customizability! A smaller reason, but reason none the less (Mostly to be transparent) is to explore more ways of income. Given the nature of Chance Cubes, and my current situation I want to investigate more ways to gain income from Chance Cubes without making people outright pay me to use the mod. Currently Curse Points and Twitch subs/ donations have been the source of my small amount of money made, but I want to look into using bits through the extension to also give me a small cut of bits that people with the extension to spawn the cubes in. Again, this is just exploration for now, but I do want to be as transparent as I can with this stuff. Questions and concerns are always welcome!

Expanding to Fabric and Bukkit

Fabric and Bukkit (or Sponge or whatever it is called now) are ports that have been requested, thought about and actually partly developed for while now. I would like to keep exploring ways to make these ports possible, but as it stands they are just a maybe will happen, maybe won’t. I don’t personally have the time to full out develop these ports, so I would 100% need outside help. There is a chance that in the future a “Core Code” library can be done to aid in the development of these ports that allow them all to share a core library of features, but there is a fair amount of work just in that to make it happen. If you are interested in helping out feel free to reach out or join my Discord and we can talk further there!

Usage stats

Again, this is mainly for transparency purposes, but also because I like sharing what I’m doing. I will be working on switch my usage data base over from SQL to InfluxDB. This mainly is because this data fits better in a time based DB, and it will allow me to have better live stat views and time breakdowns. As for the stats that are tracked, because I know you guys are curious and also hesitant about data collection, the only data that is tracked and saved is mod version, game version and soon development platform (Forge, Bukkit, Fabric, etc..). Everything is anonymous. As I have said before, any and all questions and concerns are welcome!

Final Thoughts

I just want to give a big thanks to everyone who has helped! I would list or name you all here, but I would go on forever and would probably miss people which I don’t want to do. Just know that I know you’ve helped and I thank you!

Another thing I want to address is donations and support. I get asked occasionally what the best way to support me and what I do is, so I thought I’d make a little note here. First off donations are greatly appreciated, but totally not necessary. Modding is 100% a hobby, so I really don’t expect to make anything from it, but I everyone can agree though that getting income from your hobbies is always a good feeling. As for ways to support me, I always recommend people either Subscribe or Donate through my Twitch ( or you can even donate through the Curse page! I do have a Patreon, but currently have no Patreons and don’t really check or update it,so You can support on there, but it’s not really preferred.

Lastly I will be semi opening my Discord for all to join! It’s never really been a “closed” server, but has never really been advertised. If you’d like to join, you can click here or use the code wkgyaxs!

Again thank you all and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!