Chance Cubes v4.0.0 change log

A Beta build has officially been posted to Curse for version 4.0.0 of Chance Cubes. The 4.x series of the mod is going to be focused towards Content Creators and the End users to allow for the most customization no matter the pack or scenario the mod is being used in. I will be addressing 4 main topics: The new Chance Cube Profile system, New rewards, content creators, and new reward parts.

Chance Cube Profiles

This is a feature that has been a long time in the planning phase and just recently a solution was found. I’m hoping that this new system addresses many of the concerns and complaints about certain groups of rewards, as well as lets the end users customize the rewards to fit their play style, whatever that may be. Because this new feature is really tailored towards all of you guys, my end users, I would greatly appreciate your feedback on this feature as I really want to make sure it is addressing the issues and is what you guys want.

Due note that this feature currently only works in Single player as profiles are tied to the server and all players and profile info is not yet sent from the Server to the client yet. This is all stuff that will be implemented and fixed at a later date, but It was more important to get this feature out and testing for feedback than to have every little detail and feature complete. Eventually both profiles and rewards will be user specific, but the server will always control the profiles, not the clients.

What are Chance Cube profiles?

Simply put, they are a way for users to disable groups of like rewards to customize the mod to fit their play style. Profiles also add in the ability to dynamically add, remove, or change rewards based on in game events to better adapt the rewards to fit what ever situation the player is in.

Now the longer and more detailed version. Are you someone who plays in peaceful or hardcore mode and get annoyed by the fact that some rewards are really harsh or simply don’t work because you play in that game mode? Do you feel certain rewards just shouldn’t be given in the Nether? Or are you someone who just hates the negative rewards? Well Chance Cube profiles is my proposed solution to addressing these scenarios and use cases. This feature is very beta at the moment and I’m mostly looking for feed back on it as well as ways to add on and enhance the experience. More on future plans in a moment, but first lets talk about what you can do with Profiles.

Profile Features

Profiles essentially have 5 features to them.

  1. The ability to enable rewards when the profile is turned on or applied
  2. The ability to disable rewards when the profile is turned on or applied
  3. The ability to change a rewards chance value (And maybe in the future, be able to change other aspects)
  4. The ability to have a sub profile so that when this profile is enabled or turned on, it also enables the effects of all of it’s sub profiles (Note it doesn’t actually enable the sub profiles currently, but I may change that in the future)
  5. The ability to be dynamically triggered. Currently the only supported triggers are Game mode changes, Dimension changes and Game stage changes, but I hope to add more in the future so let me know if you have any triggers you would like to see.

The first two are pretty self explanatory, but the one key to be aware of is that rewards are enabled by default in the mod. This is because most profiles will be disabling rewards when the profile is applied. This opt out system is a bit confusing at first, but due to the fact that users are more wanting to turn of like rewards, it makes sense to do it in this way as most users will play the stock mod experience and having to enable group rewards will get a bit tedious as more and more profiles are added.

The third, the ability to change a reward’s chance value is new function I added to the rewards and may expand upon in the future as a regular cube feature and also will expand on as a profile feature. Currently showcased via the Hardcore profile, the profile changes the Half_Heart reward to have a chance value of -100 for better balance. In the future though I’d really like expand the reward customization and adjustments to say allow for users to turn off the high-damage part of some rewards to allow for them to still enjoy the minigames without the death lose condition.

The fourth feature is just a nice to have tidying feature to allow for like profiles to link together. Not really much to say here.

Lastly the dynamic trigger feature is one of the bigger parts of this profile system as it allows the profiles to not only add and remove rewards the player wants, but to also adjust the mod to work in it’s most optimal state as well as prevent “Eventless” rewards that may be caused due to any number of reasons like peaceful mode or being opened in the nether. I very much want to expand upon this idea to add more event triggers, so please let me know which ones I should add support for!

Can I make my own profile?

Why yes you can! The whole concept behind profiles is to easily allow end users to customize the mod to their liking as well as to easily transfer to other packs. That being said, you are able to make your own profiles and add them to the mod! A detailed wiki how-to is in the works and I will be continuing to add to it. Hopefully this will allow you guys to make the mod how you want to play it and through your suggestions I will keep expanding the system!

In game config UI

In game the Profiles can be viewed and manually enabled or disabled via the Chance Cubes config screen found in the mods section of the game. This Screen is very much in development as we work towards a better system, but we felt this provided a better than nothing experience.

That about wraps it up for profiles, so lets move onto the new rewards!

New Rewards

As Chance Cubes continues to grow , adapt and branch out into new reward possibilities, 9 new Chance Cube rewards and 6 new Giant Chance Cube rewards have been added. Regular Cube rewards will be continuously made rolled out with new versions, but I really made a push to make the Giant Cube reward pool larger and while 6 may not seem like much, it really helps. Lets meet the new rewards shall we?


For the first new reward, this one show cases one of the new reward parts that was added, and will be touched on later, Status Effect rewards. This reward will have a -25 chance and will give all players in a 30 block radius the wither status effect for 1 or 2 for 2.5, 5, 6, 7.5 or 10 seconds. This reward also showcases a new reward feature of dynamic values that will also be address later, but essentially this is what allows for the variable effect duration. Nothing too flashy with this reward, but definitely showcases the potential for the new, under the hood, features.


This reward is actually a revival of the old Frozen, but reworked to be similar to the Da_Rude sand reward. The reward will have a
-10 chance and it spawns a 5 x 5 x 3 area of ice blocks around the player with the message ” You’re as cold as ice”.


I can hear it now. All of the complaints of another trolly reward that just spams blocks with no points. I hear ya and I really hope that the new Profile system that I will touch on soon, will help solve these complaints while also appeasing those who like, and want this reward. Any ways, this reward has a 7 chance value and it spawns an 11x5x11 grid of carpet around the player.


This is a reward that has been long since requested and I finally go around to adding in. The reward has a 0 chance value and it spawns a tower of mobs riding each other with each mob in the tower being chosen randomly


Now for the first of the mini game rewards. I’m really hoping these mini game rewards become very popular with users as I really enjoy making these and seeing them work. Really cool and I think adds a great skill balance that doesn’t rely on in game items and is challenging at all points in the game. I do plan to make the “Inta-death” fail result configurable via profiles in the future, but for now they stand as is. This reward has a 0 chance value and it has the player play a matching memory mini game. The player is given a short period of time to memorize 9 wool blocks then after the time is up, the wool block turn into glass and the player must break the glass in pairs to beat the game. Sounds fun right?


Next Mini game reward isn’t so much of a mini game as it is just a fun little luck reward. I don’t do many of these, but I feel like the benefits and down sides are small enough that this reward isn’t too annoying. The reward has a 0 chance value and it spawns in 3 stone with 3 buttons. When the use presses a button the player with either get a random item, a message saying “You walk away to live another day…” or a Lit TNT where they stand.


For the last of the 3 new mini game rewards is definitely my favorite. Tic-Tac-Toe! What more do I have to say? You even play against a computer! The reward has a 0 chance value and it spawns a tic tac toe board and has the player play against the computer. The Player plays first and once they place a block the computer will automatically place their block. If the player wins they get 500 Diamonds, but if they lose they get nothing. If anyone wins, please let me know! Watch the sneak peak video from my dev Stream!


Nothing special, just a cool little filler reward. The reward has a -10 chance value and it spawns thrown lingering potions and makes a ring around the player/ block.


For the final new regular chance cube reward is a reward that I plan to play around more with and may expand into a lot of new rewards in the future! The reward will have a -15 chance that spawns a random mob with a random special effect Vague I know, but for the time being I’m leaving it that way as a surprise.

Now for the new Giant Cube rewards


Ah yes the Woodland Masion. Very large structure that keeps up with the theme of the the Giant Chance Cubes and also adds some more diversity to the Village reward. Maybe a nether fortress or end dungeon in the future??


Inspriation taken from Pandora’s boxes, this reward has blocks spawn in and snake about in the world for a short period of time. Kind of a hard one to explain….


Nothing special, this reward builds up suspense with lava pops, and explosion effects and sounds before finally exploding with a random effect .


Another structure reward that while is still large in scale, this one isn’t so massively invasive like the village and mansion are. This reward builds a large circular arena with 4 small beacons and 1 large beacon in the middle. The arena floor is made up of random blocks.


Another Pandora’s box inspired reward that infects nearby blocks and changes them into a new block. From there this process is repeated with randomly selected adjacent blocks and continues to scale outwards for a short period of time. Watch the sneak peak video from my dev Stream!


Finally the last new Giant Cube reward and perhaps the most flashy reward. I am a very big fan of the block levitation effect and definitely might try to incorporate it in another reward the future. This reward slowly levitates more and more blocks in a square radius from the block and then after a certain amount of time explodes the blocks and drops a random surprise. Watch the sneak peak video from my dev Stream!

Content Creators

So this new version of Chance Cubes I’m hoping to work closely with a few content creators to address holes in the mod that have come up for non pack players and those who liked the old lucky block style play. At this moment I don’t have a specific system planned out and I currently don’t want to do it in the same style as lucky blocks due to a conflict of mod identity as well as overall hacky style system LB uses, but I am actively looking for a possible solution. Again though I am very much looking to address the non modpack players out there and those who would be interested in making Chance Cube extensions.

To add onto this, I have actually written a parser to convert LB rewards to CC rewards, but due to it not being 100% complete and the “hacky” feeling of how it ended up I decided to pull it. I may end up making a separate jar file to convert from LB to CC rewards in the future, but we will see.

Secondly before we get into the new reward parts, the Reward creation files got a cool new feature! Dynamic Values! Simply put, this will allow reward creators to have non static rewards and be able to add a little randomness of their own. Not going to go into too much detail, but the full specs can be found here. As with everything else in this mod, feedback is always welcome and if there’s some sort of dynamic value that you’d like to see feel free to reach out to me to talk! Here’s a little demo from my dev stream to gain a little more understanding of how these work/ what they are as well.

New Reward Parts

This version of Chance Cubes added in 2 new reward parts for Custom Reward makers. Status Effect and UI Title reward parts. Fairly self explanatory, the Status Effect reward part allows creators to make rewards that give players a desired status effect and can be configured to even give all players in a certain radius the status effect. You can see how to add this reward part here. The UI Title reward part adds the ability to leverage Minecraft’s Title feature that can appear on the screen. All title types are supported and more on how to make this reward type can be found here.

In addition to these reward parts the reward creation wiki for each part as also been given a big of a make over, so I hope that helps.

Lastly let me just list off some Extra tid-bits and changes/


Schematic placement is a big quicker and will no longer replace air blocks with air blocks and simply skip them.

Added support for Russian

Both the Regular and Giant Chance Cubes now have disclaimers in the item tool tip to help prevent new users for unknowingly make mistakes.

A Command was added to spawn the Giant Chance Cube. Simply type “/chancecubes spawnGiantCube ~ ~ ~” where the ~’s work just like the vanilla place block command.

In game reward creatation is no longer. This system was old and very buggy and bad, so it has been removed and replaced with the profile management system.

Added a new Block Cache system for rewards that replace blocks, but revert after the reward is over. I cannot guarantee that all modded blocks will play nice with this system, so please let me know if any errors are found and I will try my best to address them!

Custom reward parsing now has some more intuitive error messages

Chance Cube commands now have better Tabbing support

ExtraUtils, Thermal Foundation and Thermal Expansion rewards have been partially added back and we will continue to work on adding them back and adjusting them as we go.

The reward that dropped poison potion rewards now gives a poison status effect

Countdown, DigBuild, Magic Feet, Math, Maze and Question rewards all utilize titles for time visibility

Potion and effect rewards now accept both number and name for potion id, but the name is recommended

Fixed Issue with legacy schematics not loading in TileEntities correctly

Reward name changes
– BedRock -> bedrock
– ChatMessage -> Chat_Message
– pssst -> Pssst
– SlimeMan -> Slime_Man
– AnvilRain -> Anvil_Rain
– Book_Of_Memes -> Book_of_Memes
– SkyBlock -> Sky_Block
– TrollHole -> Troll_Hole
– TrollTNT -> Troll_TNT

Chest Reward type now only accepts an amount value instead of a min and max. min and max replaced by new dynamic values

Fixed a bug with Rewards hitting sound limit. Added config option to make block and schematic reward parts not produce a sound


Welp, I think that’s about it. I think I’ve addressed everything, but if I haven’t I’ll be sure to edit this post. Feel free to let me know what you think of the new changes in this version of the mod and suggestions are always welcome. Thank you everyone for helping me achieve 13+ Million downloads on Curse! I greatly appreciate the support. Thanks for reading and keep being awesome!

– Turkey (Turkey2349)