DISCLAIMER: So I originally started writing this post as a way for me to say that I would be slowing down my modding projects and to just write down my thoughts and ideas about the next year or so, but after the first paragraph It ended up turning into sorta my history in the Minecraft modding scene. This post is nearly all straight up to how I wrote it the first time though and not revised as I felt like that fits my current mood and feelings towards modding. This blog post is very long and I don’t blame anyone who doesn’t read this as it is almost 3am right now and well…. this was one heck of a random and all over blog post. If you read it I hope you enjoy my 2am thinking and whateverness.

I don’t know how to start this post, or even name it as this is a very difficult topic for me to talk about since Minecraft and developing and modding it have been apart of my life for so long. I’ve sort of accepted that my days modding and working with minecraft are numbered and slowly reaching an end, but it’s still not something that I feel like I am quite ready to give up on after all the friends, connections and experiences I’ve made and had over the years. Let me preface the rest of this post by saying in no way am I done with modding or am stopping, but I still want to update you guys with what’s on my mind and my outlook and the next year or few years with what my life may show. Anyways read this if you like as some of it may just be me speaking through the current mood I am in and change day to day, but I still felt it was important for me to at least write this down and get this out there.

Like I said above, I don’t feel like I am in any position to say that I am going to be stopping any of my projects or mods, but I definitely am going to be no longer looking for new projects or mod ideas to take on. It was 6 years ago that I decided I wanted to explore what else the game of Minecraft had to offer after buying the game around version 1.1 and quickly becoming bored with the vanilla experience. Through a friend I learned about the concept of creating server plugins and this naturally intrigued me so I decided to try and learn how to program so that I could make some plugins and further the game’s experience and fun. After learning the basics of Java I then created my first Bukkit plugin called the Randomizer Plugin (For the curious) for Craft Bukkit 1.3.2. This spun off into the first half of my Minecraft Development career on the Bukkit scene. The Randomizer plugin was just me playing around and I quickly moved onto bigger and better things and soon began work on another plugin called Trouble in Mine Town with another developer by the name of Jimbo. This plugin was obviously based on the popular Gmod minigame at the time Trouble In Terrorist Town and while this plugin was never a huge success, working with Jimbo and on this plugin I learned a lot about programming and introduced my greatly into how projects work and are developed, but also introduced me into my first online community of the Silent Noobs. I met many great people in this community and it really revived my enjoyment of the game and also pushed me out into the streaming and other communities. About a year after TMT was first started, I looked for a new plugin to work on to continue to expand my knowledge of programming as well as try something new and fun. The project that would be born from this was my first major project called Call of Minecraft: Zombies and funny fact, I have never owned any of the Call of Duty games and had only played the zombies game mode a handful of times. After a few days of initial programming, I came across another plugin post on Bukkit about another mod dev trying to tackle the same mod idea as me at the same time. I reached out to the developer, IModZombies4Fun (IMod, or Connor), and made the offer to him to join forces and create the plugin together. IMod quickly accepted and we soon released our plugin to Bukkit and over the next 3 years we continued to improve, expand, and build up the plugin into a pretty big success and surpassing 50k downloads, which at the time was a pretty big achievement for a Bukkit minigames plugin. Through IMod and the plugin I got many great opportunities to meet Server admins from places like Mineplex, Hosting partners like Kai Micah Mills (DediFire) and even Youtubers like Ssundee! I was truly grateful for all that had happened to me over the past 3 years, but I slowly started to lose interest in my projects and I was not interested in following IMod into his jobs with servers and networks as I still saw modding as a hobby for myself. When the Bukkit DMCA hit I know things were about to go sideways and all hell was about to break loose about the future of Bukkit, servers and plugins, so I decided my time with Bukkit was coming to an end.

It was a mod maker by the name of Ferullo (was only able to find his twitter, but I was very surprised to see what he had been up to lately), who at the time was working on a mod by the name of Ferullo’s Gun Mod, who really got me interested in Forge and client side modding. I was well aware of forge and modding while working on Bukkit, but it wasn’t until talking to Ferullo that I became interested in what I could do. After the DMCA fell over Bukkit and the idea of Forge and what I had seen while talking with Ferullo came to mind I decided why not give it a try? I entered the modding scene on forge right as 1.7.10 began to pick up steam in mod packs (I beleive 1.8 minecraft was well out at this point but it was still some time away from 1.8.9) and yes this was around 2 years ago if that helps put into perspective on how long modded minecraft stayed on 1.7.10. Anyways, going back to the story, I lurked around Twitch for awhile trying to find inspiration for modding ideas as a way to introduce me into forge and learn the differences between it and Bukkit. I soon came across the streamer Mazphiro (While he doesn’t do Minecraft streaming anymore he is an avid pokemon player/streamer so if that interests you be sure to check him out!) who at the time was working on a modpack of his own and through him I found many ideas and inspired the creation of my first mod TurkeyUtil! As I progressed with the mod and Maz, he introduced me to this little unknown streamer who went by the name of Darkosto and I soon became hooked not only the streamer, but the small community he was building up. After a month or two, Darkosto began work on what would soon be called Journey To The Core and would soon give TurkeyUtil and my modding career the break and lift it needed to turn into what it is today. After two versions of the pack, TurkeyUtil was fully integrated and I was adding items to help style the pack into something unique and help put Darkosto’s visions into reality, errr virtual reality? Anyways, soon another mod dev, by the name of Funwayguy joined to team and soon the third, and final version of JTTC was ready for public release on what would end up being the AT Launcher and I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t amazed with how much the pack took off from there because it surpassed all expectations the three of us had and opened many doors for all of us with our Modded carers. Soon the three of us were recognized by many streamers and communities which leads me to my final “section” of my modded Minecraft life of the present day. From the success of JTTC I ended up as a mod for the streamer Wyld and somehow the topic of Lucky Blocks came about and how the mod would no longer be allowed in mod packs. I decided to jump on this idea and that was how Chance Cubes was born! I received a lot of initial help from Wyld, Darkosto and their communities and soon the mod was released and has now become the amazing success it is today thanks to you guys and I can’t say thank you enough!

Well this post did not go at all like I thought it was and I really broke away from the topic that I started this whole post with. I really actually don’t know where to go from here xD. I guess all that I can say is that this Hiatus has been great for me (Even if school has a huge pain) and now that I am on spring break I have actually felt no urge to mod or do much of anything and it was really a wake up call for me to tell me that I am starting to lose interest in modding and development like I did at points with Bukkit. I really could continue this out some but idk how to at this point. I am just leave this sit overnight and come back to it tomorrow and add a better ending, but for now thank you to the few who have actually read this whole jargon of a blog post and stay super awesome and amazing!