Taking a small “Hiatus”

Ok, so before I begin let me preface or give a tl;dr about what I mean by taking a hiatus. Simply put, I don’t plan on casually modding or making a focus on modding over the time period. I do have one obligation with Darkosto that I will be helping out on and I still plan to fix bugs as they are reported, but I will be trying to take time off of modding and focus on school and the people that are in my life.

If that tl;dr was a good enough explanation for you than cool, but if you still have questions, let me try to answer them here. First off I know the biggest question that most of you are having is how long will this “hiatus” last and to be frank, I have no idea. Recently my life has become extremely busy as I am in my 1st year of college within the college of engineering, which in it’s self is a lot of work. Secondly I have drawn some bad straws with my schedule for this semester which includes four 8am classes each week and I don’t return to my dorm until almost 6pm everyday during the week. From there, I am usually completing class work or relaxing from the day and then due to my 8am the following day I have been going to sleep earlier which eliminates most, if not all of my free time to mod at nights. On the weekends I do have more time for stuff, but recently I’ve been trying to get out more to just enjoy my time at college and meet new people to be with and build up some relationships with. Modding has been putting a lot of stress on me lately, not so much from the amount or type of work that it is, but more from the fact that I haven’t had time for it and modding almost seems like a second job for me. Speaking of that that brings up another point in the fact that I actually do have a real job with my university in mobile development where recently I’ve even been struggling to get in 10 hours a week with them. All and all, this has nothing to do with the community or anyone specific and is more of just a decision that I need to make for me to have some time away while I focus on the more pressing things in my life. Hopefully you guys can see where I am comming from and I’m always available on twitter and such to answer any questions that you may have, just know that I will probably not be as quick to respond as I have been in the past. Thanks for reading, stay amazing everyone and I’ll see you all around the interwebs.