2017 | New Website | Chance Cubes | New Project | Updates!

It is now 2017 and I am still behind on basically everything. That being said however, I have also gotten A LOT of things done recently and have been fairly productive over my winter break while I have been home. First things first, I have switched my webhost to a small VPS which will now allow me to do lots of new stuff. Mainly this allows me to host my own Jenkins server to build my own mods and projects and then put them into a maven server¬†for you all to use! This also allows me to redo my webhook “api” and I will soon be switching Chance Cubes to use this website to grab rewards and info off of instead of Github. Speaking of Chance Cubes, I have finally released a 1.11 version of the mod as well as fixed lots of bugs in the 1.10.2 version as well. My current plans are to fix bugs and get one more update out to 1.10.2, 1.11 and to 1.7.10 (update to use new webhook) all before heading back to college on the 9th. Also I will be working with Darkosto and the wonderful group of mod devs that have all gotten together to help make the awesome packs that Darkosto does create and will be working on a custom mod for his supper seacrete special pack that has yet to be fully announced. I do hope and plan to stream some of the mod development before heading back to college once I am given the ok when the pack is announced, so stay tuned! Lastly just some small updates. I will hopefully get around to writing a Ludum Dare 37 post mortem eventually….. we’ll see. I have also been toying around with GobbleCore and TurkeyUtil for 1.10.2 and I may end up finishing it, but I’m not sure. As of right now I’m not liking how Gobble Core is turning out at the moment and am unsure if I want to continue it. I think that’s all I have for now, so thanks for reading and Keep being awesome guys!

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