College Life is Hard | GobbleCore | TurkeyUtil Resurrection | LudumDare?

So it’s 1 am right now as I am writing this and I have a lecture in the morning, but that’s just become my life recently ┬áso let’s do this thing! Bad jokes about college life aside, College or University or what ever you may call it has really taken a lot of my time away and even my breaks off from classes (Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break ect.) have been mostly filled with just being back with family, enjoying my time off, or simply doing more class work in preparation. Long story short, I’ve had very little time to do anything programming related and have even been unable to interact with people on twitch and others that I’m usually active with. Now with finals approaching I have come to accept that the 1.10.2 and 1.11 updates of Chance Cubes will be delayed until around Christmas time. On the bright side tough, I have begun working on a base mod for me to use Called GobbleCore that will hopefully make it easier for me to make mods for people like Darkosto as well as make it easier for me to update my mods to future versions of MC. I do not plan to make Chance Cubes use GobbleCore as I want Chance Cubes to continue as a stand alone mod, but as a first test I will resurrect TurkeyUtil for one more update to help me test the mod. Not sure if I ahve anything else to say, but hopefully I didn’t make any mistakes as I don’t feel like re-reading this and am probably just going to post this as is and go to sleep. Anyways thanks for reading my very random and informal blog post and keep being amazing people!

Oh one last thing! I probably will not be competing in this Ludum Dare due to finals the following week, but i’m not 100% sure about that.