So, College

I am just over half way through my first semester of college and let me say that is has definitely been a new experience for me. I have been finding out that an engineering degree, Computer Science to be specific, is not the easiest degree out there to obtain and is proving to be a lot of work. Studying and class work and my campus job has really taken up most of my time and has really prevented me from doing the things I did in the past like watch twitch streams and work on mods. I feel like I have almost been neglecting Chance Cubes with how little I have been working on the mod. Rest assured though I am in the works of bringing the 1.10.2 version up to date as well as new features and rewards for future versions. Anyways this isn’t really going to be a long post, it’s more of just for me to let you know that I am still alive and working through the real life. Thank you guys all for being supportive and for enjoying my mods! Keep being amazing!

p.s. I am probably going to be doing another AMA type blog post here in the near future so if you have any mod/ programming/ whatever related questions for me, feel free to send to me however is most convent for you!