The Summer Winds Down

Well It is now nearly August and In less than a month I will officially start my freshman year of college. This past summer was great and I really enjoyed all the projects I have helped develop and grow, but sadly I am going to have to cut back and prepare myself for a whole new style of life this fall and winter. Let me just say It here and now though, in no way am I leaving modding, Twitch or any other community that I am apart of. All I am doing to cutting back on the workload that I currently have, so that I can make school, and my irl job, my number one priority. Anyways, let’s run through a list of projects and stuff and I will go over and explain what the future may have for them and what I plan to keep up with, or stop development for.


First let’s start with probably my more popular stuff/ My Mods:

Chance Cubes:

This is probably the one project that will for the most part, go unaffected. This mod has just become so much of who I am that I can’t let it go and I will 100% continue to update and work on this mod throughout the coming years. I am just so humbled to have almost achieved 1 million downloads of this mod and I truly owe it to all of you guys for making this mod a reality!


This is my newest mod, which adds a few small graphical tweaks to the game, and is one that I do plan on keeping going on the side simply because of it’s simplicity and my general enjoyment out of the few tweaks that I made. If you curious about what this mod is, check it out here 

Wither Crumbs: 

This mod I am very much on the fence about. I do really enjoy the idea, but I’m not sure if it’s worth continuing onto 1.9 and 1.10. If I decide to, I will release and update before I head off to college, but after that I will probably leave the mod as it is and only updated for future updates of the mod. I just don’t see me adding anything else to the mod aside from what it already has..

Resource Eggsraction:

Yes, this is the troll mod that sparked in Darkosto’s chat that one day that I actually started working on. It currently sits in  very early development and only haves the bare bones that the whole mod would need. This being said, it is probably the only other mod that may see the light of day in future and get worked on and updated. This mainly has to do with Darkosto’s , as well as mine and others, interest in the mod. I wouldn’t be opposed to having help developing this mod as the ideas that we have for the mod is quite interesting and funny, so I am definitely keeping this mod as a possibility.

Sadly now, however, I must bid farewell to some of my projects as I do not plan to work on them any further. If you are interested in reviving or simply talking to me about any one of the projects below feel free to contact me, but from now on, the following projects will, in my mind, be considered inactive.


This probably the mod I am most sad to see go even though it basically has been sitting inactive for a while now. TurkeyUtil was my first mod that I ended up tailoring to Darkosto’s Journey to the Core modpack and I simply just added anything and everything to help me learn how to mod. This mod was a ton of fun to make and had its many ups and downs, but c’mon! Who really wants to see their first project go?

Void Compression:

Void compression as well was a mod that has been sitting inactive for a little while now and I actually started to port it to 1.9.4, but I simply lack the interest to and now I am simply cutting it quits on this mod. It just never really worked like I hoped it would and the update in block code from 1.7.10 to 1.9.4 makes this mod incredibly harder to create and I simply just don’t have the determination to try.

Call Of Minecraft: Zombies:

Plugin Page

For those of you unaware. Call of Minecraft: Zombies (or COM:Z for short), was a Minecraft Bukkit plugin that me and a dev named IModZombies4Fun started about 4 years ago. This mod brought the Call of Duty: Zobmies game mod into minecraft for players to play on Bukkit servers. COM:Z was actually a pretty big mod in the Bukkit community, until Bukkit essentially disbanded and I switched over to Forge modding. The reason why I included this here is because I always hoped to one day be able to rewrite or at least fix the mod to a point where it was mostly stable in the current versions of Minecraft, but alas, I must put it down and finally call it quits on one of my favorite and oldest projects that I am apart of.

Custom Mods for Modpacks/ Similar Mods:

In the past, I have made numerous mods as sort of add ons for packs, mainly with the group of Me, Funwayguy and Darkosto, but I think it is probably in my best interest to put a hold custom mod work until I feel I can handle my schedule and overall time in college. I know Darkosto is getting a lot more input from his chat to help him make packs as well as more mod authors willing to help him out with mods and I know that they are working on some amazing things. Hopefully eventually I will be able to return to the mopack development world (Because helping make JTTC as well as Aftermath was a lot of fun), but In the meantime, I look forward to watching what people create next! (If you aren’t already following Darkosto you should go do that now and watch him develop a cool new invasion modpack that has many custom mods and is looking really sweet).

Well that all about does it for the Minecraft related stuff, so now let’s move onto the other random stuff and projects that I have going on!

Ludum Dare:

I have alluded to this in past blogs and stuffs, but due to the Ludum Dare 36 being unofficial and not going to have an official rating system afterwards, I am sticking with my decision to sit this one out. Since Ludum Dare does occur only 1 week into my semester I may end up doing something unofficially so that I can stay in the game dev groove, but who knows.


I actually haven’t worked on my OpenGL Game library in a while (mostly due to bugs which have just been annoying me), but I do plan to keep this project as one that I keep coming back to as Ludum Dares approach or as i watch/ read tutorials related to the subject. It’s a nice side project for me to learn and work on my rendering abilities as well as to just have fun with and to show friends.


While I have not been a streaming a whole bunch, Streaming will most likely not occur while I am at college. The only chance it may occur is if I stream a Ludum Dare competition, but I believe I will be home for the December ones so those may be a possibility. I will probably just stick to watching and lurking around Twitch like I always do!

Well that’s all I really have for now. I will update you guys more as time goes on, but for now enjoy the final weeks of your summer and keep being awesome!