Summer vacation has just begun for me and to be honest, I have both been taking time off, but staying very productive. I have been in and out of contact lately, so I thought this would be a good time to explain what is going on as well as future stuff as I head to college this fall.


My school year ended a few weeks ago and I just had my graduation a week ago. This mixed with family and the enormous amount of grad parties I have been attending have lead to me being M.I.A for some days and not working on projects. My senior year is now almost fully behind me, but my summer vacation, along with getting my wisdom teeth removed has lead me to take days off and just simply rest or have a day to myself.


Currently I have been working a little on a new project but overall I have been experiencing some burn out with programming. I have recently been taking time away from these projects as a recuperate myself. This does not mean I am done working on these projects by any means and I have experienced this in the past with becoming burned out so don’t worry, I know how to handle this and I will be back.  On another topic, I am heading to my first year of college this fall and this will effect many of the projects that I am working on. I will have a laptop and I do plan to try and update my mods, but the reality is I have no idea what I should be expecting. Between classes and the probable job that I will need to find, I do not know how much time I will have to update my projects.


I recently saw that there will not be an official August Ludum Dare and to be honest, makes my life a lot easier as that would have occurred right as I was starting my first semester of college. Overall, it just lessens the amount of things I will need to worry about when I start my semester. Also because of this, I will also most likely not be working and any other game dev projects in the meantime.


Again I am just taking everything one day at a time and doing my best to just have fun. If you have have any questions, concerns, comments or anything else, you are always welcome to reach out to me! Enjoy your summer and stay amazing!

Also p.s. If any of this has some weird sentence structure, please pardon it as some of this was written while I was recovering from my wisdom teeth surgery 😛


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